Bus Stop and Bus Rules

Riding the bus is a privilege, not a right!


The bus is an extension of your child’s classroom experience. Please review with your child these important rules.


Bus Stop & Bus Rules:

  1. Student’s may only ride the bus that they are assigned to.
  2. Be on at least 5 minutes early to the bus stop and wait safely off the roadway.
  3. When crossing the street, wait for the driver to signal and always cross 10 feet in front of the bus where the driver can see you.
  4. Follow the directions of the driver.
  5. Sit in your seat facing forward and remain seated.
  6. Talk quietly and use appropriate language.
  7. Keep all parts of your body inside the bus and to yourself.
  8. Avoid harassment of fellow students and bus employees.
  9. No fighting, intimidation or horseplay.
  10. No throwing of any object.
  11. No littering, drinking or use of tobacco or drugs on the bus.
  12. No weapons, dangerous objects or metal/ glass containers.
  13. Avoid damage to the school bus and to other people’s property.
  14. Avoid any acts which endanger yourself or others.
  15. Avoid bringing band instruments on the bus unless it fits in your backpack.


*All school policies are in effect on the bus and at the bus stop.

*The bus stop is the parents’ responsibility.